You can rest easy under a Gerard roof, knowing that our company does right by the environment, and will do right by you. With impeccable sustainability credentials, and a warranty up to 50 years, yours is a guilt-free, worry-free roof.

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This page is only intended to provide an overview of Gerard warranties – you can see the full details in our Warranty Certificate below. To ensure your warranty remains valid, please follow the recommendations in our Maintenance Guide.

Warranty Certificate     Maintenance Guide    

Warranty Certificate     Maintenance Guide    




A Gerard roof is an environmentally friendly choice. It’s lighter than concrete or clay roofing, so transportation is more energy-efficient, it requires less framing support, which saves resources and it’s made from steel, which is endlessly recyclable.
Designed by Bàlay Vandyke Pty Ltd (Far North QLD)

Easier to transport

The average houselot of traditional clay tiles requires an entire truck for transport. But with Gerard pressed steel roofing, you could fit 10 homes’ worth on the truck, using less energy (and therefore less carbon) to transport.

Requires less framing timber

A pressed steel roof requires much less framing support than concrete tiles – saving, on average, as much as $2000 worth of framing materials and $1000 in labour costs.

Recyclable again and again

Steel can be recycled indefinitely, without losing any of its qualities. So a retired Gerard roof doesn’t need to end up in landfill – it can simply be re-worked into another steel product.

More than just good products

At Gerard, it’s not just our products that are better for the environment. Our company, and our manufacturing methods are too. To us, sustainability means a pledge of continuous improvement, and it’s one we’ll be proudly upholding long term.


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"The company was amazing. I would highly recommend Gerard Roofing and the team."

Glenys & Phil Lynam - Homeowner, Queensland

I just replaced my roof with Gerard Roofing tiles after hail damage. I am so pleased that I persisted with the insurance company who wanted me to replace my roof with Colorbond. Gerard Roofing is all across the world and they have just opened an office right here in Queensland. The tiles have been through stringent testing for all weather conditions. My Stratos charcoal roofing tiles look absolutely amazing and has given my house a wonderful, modern face lift. My thanks go out to Gary, Nick and the team for an efficient and professional job. This company was amazing. I would highly recommend Gerard Roofing Tiles and the team.

"We have been using Gerard Roofs’ steel roofing for many years"

Alfina Winter - Tropical Trend Homes, Queensland
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We have been using Gerard Roofs’ steel roofing tile for our homes for many years. We love the look of Gerard Roofing whether it’s the sleekness of the smooth profile or the classic look of the textured finish We have the Stratos on our own home and love how quiet it is when it rains. With Gerard Roofing you have the look and style of a tiled roof with the strength and durability of a steel roof

"We currently have several projects, in varying stages of completion, that will be using Gerard roofs."

Chris Vandyke - Architectural Designer, Queensland

Gerard Roofs has given Bàlay Vandyke Designs the ability to specify a more appropriate style and cost-effective solution to roof our many award-winning homes in Queensland. The optional non-reflective coating is often used on our Pavilion Style homes, not only to provide a traditional appearance of shingle with the improved lifespan of steel, but to facilitate subtle blending into the surrounding environment. This non-reflective characteristic of the product has been approved by Cairns Regional Council for use in their Hillslopes Category Development.

"I recommend Gerard Roofs to my clients along with other builders and designers."

Nathan Verri - Builder, Queensland
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I Nathan Verri, proprietor or Verri Industries Pty Ltd, have been recommending and working with Gerard Roofing for Several years now. The feel, look and individual style which this quality product gives to the homes that I design and build, adds not only to the value but gives it a superior quality and finish. I have a Charcoal Stratos roof on my own home which my partner and I both adore for many reasons. Whilst giving the look of a ceramic tiled roof it still delivers the quality and durability of a steel roof while remaining quiet throughout heavy showers. I recommend Gerard Roofing to my clients along with other builders and designers rather than ceramic. Furthermore, while the Gerard Roofing range and overall product is great, I always find it simple and easy dealing with the Gerard Roofing team, as they are professional and deliver a stress-free result.