For decades, Gerard roofs have been acclaimed around the world for their innovative design, robust quality, and wide choice of finishes and accessories offered.
Designed by Bàlay Vandyke Pty Ltd (Far North QLD)

Unique Features


The interlocking system

Gerard steel roof panels lock together to form a singular weathertight unit. Furthermore, the design eliminates any gaps where flying embers might enter.

Horizontal fastening

Unlike long-run and heavy tile roofs, Gerard steel panel roofs are fastened at right angles to the wind’s lifting forces – holding on tight even in Category 3 cyclones.

Up to seven protective coatings

A Gerard roof has up to seven different coatings applied for long lasting protection. The final layers are applied after the panels are formed to avoid surface cracking.

A lighter load

Where a concrete or clay tile roof could weigh 10 tonnes or more, a Gerard roof can weigh just one tenth of that, which is particularly reassuring in an earthquake.

Textured v Smooth


With a crisp look to accentuate the roof pattern and details, Gerard’s smooth finish panels look like coloured steel but are much more durable.


Made with natural stone chips, our textured finish gives your roof a stronger, more substantial look, and added protection from the elements.

Gerard Profiles


Balanced arches and flats create a perfectly elegant, classical looking roof. This timeless profile makes a strong statement, especially on steeply pitched roofs.


Irregular grooves give this profile a recurring yet organic pattern that works on a wide variety of homes. Supremely versatile, and immensely popular.


One of our flattest profiles, Rockport lends your roof a sleek, contemporary look and is often used on architecture with a modern bias.

Roof Trims

Roof trims are an important part of your roof, both for weather-
proofing and appearance. We make four types of trim, which are
fully compatible with our range of pressed steel tiles:

Angle Trim

Barrel Trim

Long Angle Trim

Box Trim


Gerard Accessories

To complete the look of your roof, our accessories are fully
integrated and designed to match your chosen style.


Gerard vents are finished with the same coatings as your roof, so they’ll match it perfectly. Plus they can be installed by the roofer – no need for a plumber to be working up top.

Gerard free-flow port

A low-profile port designed for extraction systems from kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. And with a large free vent area, it’s also ideal for airflow and heat circulation in roof cavities.

Gerard Sanitary Port

Primarily intended to vent sewage systems, this port can also be used for general air/moisture extraction from kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

Solar Brackets